Nipsey Hussle - The Marathon Continues

Nipsey Hussle dropped his mixtape earlier on today, The Marathon Continues.
"We basically got what we need. I'm just the type of artist that likes to record to the last moment."
"It seems like in crunchtime, it gets me my best material,"
 In an interview with Skee TV,Nipsey explained why he hadn't dropped anything in over an year since "The Marathon"
" I was quiet just because the new music has a different sound than my last music, and I wanted to shock people with it."
Features on that mixtape include Y.G. ,Cobby and Dom Kennedy.

1.Road To Riches
2.Who Detached Us (feat. Steve Jobs)
3.Run A Lap
4.Thas Wat Hoes Do (feat. YG & Rimpau)
6.Fly Crippin (feat. Cobby )
7. I Need That (feat. Dom Kennedy)
8. Forever On Some Fly Shit
9.Tommy Gunz (feat. Yung Brodee)
10.They Know
11.Rose Clique
12. 10 Toes
13. Tha Mansion
14. Outro

Grab it here
"The majority of the records came off Twitter,"  
Don't we just love Twitter

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