4 Barz - 2050 Something [cover art & mixtape tracklist]

Been waiting in this project to drop for too long but its finally here! 2050 Something the mixtape drops August 11th! Nairobi had better be ready for this one coz the singles out already are too fresh!
With production credits from Jt Jay, Bari Bonds, Kevin Grands (GnX) and PlayMakr, grab yourself a copy of this mixtape at only Ksh 300 only!

01 - Intro [What Is 4 -Barz?]
02 - 4 Barz In This Ft. Jt Jay, Taffie & Greg (Prod by Jt Jay)
03 - Hurt Locker Ft. Jt Jay
04 - Charlie Sheen [Winning – Remix] Ft. Jt Jay, Taffie (Prod by Playmakr)
05 - Spectacular Ft. Taffie, Jt Jay (Prod by Bari Bonds)
06 - For The Music Ft. A-J (Prod by Playmakr)
07 - Blaka! Ft. Taffie, Jt Jay (Prod Jt Jay)
08 - Hii Ni Swag (Prod by Bari Bonds)
09 - Ain't No Way Round This Ft. Taffie, Jt Jay (Prod by Jt Jay)
10 - Hustle [Prayer From The Bottom ] Ft. Taffie, Jt Jay (Prod by Jt Jay)
11 - Rise [So High] Ft. Taffie, Jt Jay (Prod by Jt Jay)
12 - B Ballers Ft. Joka, Jt Jay (Prod by Jt Jay)
13 - Burn Zigi [Bamzigi Diss] (Prod by Bari Bonds)
14 - Swag [I Got It] Ft. Kimo Sabe
(Prod by Bari Bonds)
15 - Umenihata [Missed Me] Ft. Jt Jay, Kimo Sabe & Greg (Prod by Jt Jay)
16 - Pull Up Ft. Kimo Sabe
17 - We Gangstaz Ft. Jt Jay, Taffie & Marsha (Prod by Jt Jay)
18 - Rap Villain Ft. Jt Jay, Nali, Phonz, Bari Bonds, C2K (Prod by Bari Bonds)
19 - Follow Through [Barz On Barz] Ft. Kimo Sabe & Greg (Prod by Kevin Grands aka GnX)
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