Camp Mullah 2-5-Flow [ Nairobi State of Mind ]

Today AGAIN I've been talking ,tweeting much about these guys-Camp Mullah.Well apologies for not linking y'al to they musiQ earlier on.Trust me they worth yu time and downloads.
They gat a compilation of some of the sickest singles and remixes, and Camp Mulla are giving other musicians a run for their money.Even though independent since 2009, the group has been natured under Sub-Sahara records and Ulopa Ngoma, which gives them an even bigger head start
Basic Information
Label: Sub-Sahara Records
Management: Self-Managed
Members: Taio Tripper , Young Kass , K'Cous , Karun , Tuchi , J-Smiles , K.- Plaz, Yung Rome

I found this On they  ReverBNation profile ;
             "check these young dudes out doing their thing all the way from Kenya....much love. Keep                                       doing your thang, swaygo!"
                                      — Well-Known Hip Hop Artist, USA

   Folks have already hit the Download limits for all their tracks on they Sound Cloud page.Apparently you can still get they musiq here----> You can Listen and Download Here  
or on their  ReverBNation page Here
 The tracks that are still available for download are ; 1. Party Don't Stop
                                                                               2. Take It To The Floor                                                                                                                                 3. Addicted
                                                                               4. Pare
                                                                               5.Digital Love

The other tracks include: -Captain of the Cool Kids.Demo
                                      -Pass That Doob. Freestyle
                                      -Slow Down Kass - Young Kass (This one has a House musiQ feel.trance like )
                                      -Aston Martin Music
                                      - I'm On It - Taio Tripper
                                      -Camp Mulla - Low
                                      -Twende Kazi. (This one has a Kwaito feel and beats)
Clearly these aren't yo regular Kenyan Rappers.If yah still haven't heard of the kids,then yu outta the loop..

 Get Farmiliar !

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