Cam Mulla: 2-5-Flow

Camp Mulla had a chance to be invited to a live interview with Kiss 100 FM’s host, DNG, on Saturday 29th January 2011.
Check out some of the photos while they on studio with DNG.Location 'Kiss 100 studios..

In case you still havent heard of these guyz,they are a Kenyan group comprising -MC Taio Tripper - Rapper
Young Kass - Rapper
K'Cous - Producer
Miss.Karun - Vocalist
J-Smiles - Vocalist / Producer
Cooli-Bob Chris - Crew / Producer
K. Timothi - Crew
Eriqq.Crayzi - Crew
Tuchi - Manager

They do Genre:
Rap & Hip/Hop
Get to know more about them
 Camp Mullah facebook Fan page Here

 2-5-Flow facebook Fanpage - Here

Will link y'al later on to they Sound Cloud profile.You can stream or download they musiQ there.

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