JT Jay - Fuck Fame [album] coming soon

Young producer/rapper JT Jay's album "Fuck Fame" is coming soon.
The 19 track album will feature several artistes including Marsha, Kui, Kapella, Taffie, Christopher Benz, Reign, Plan Zee (Dewy & Wes Prodigy) and Lonski.
He also recently announced that the album will include a house/techno themed track that ought to be a certified club banger.
Fuck Fame is exclusively produced by JT Jay himself except two tracks, one done by Analogue and the other, a sample from The Module Proteus 1000.
"Im on a mission to make this album the biggest shit out when it's out. Believe me its not being delayed just for nothing. The sound is articulate. This is not the sound u hear on mixtapes. Professionally mixed, mastered and rapped, with a lil touch of rock. I promise you, this album will be worth listening to no matter how it will get to you... " states JT Jay on his reverb blog
Lets wait for the album to drop, and support Kenyan music!

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