The Hateration Formula - Words by Kapella

"The game is simple. I'll tell you how: Do what you do, and get paid for doing it."
"Theres 7,000,000,000 people on the earth. If one person calls you whack, thats just their opinion. Respect they sh-t and moove on."
"Keep it funky, coz at the end of the day, my opinion weighs more, and in my opinion, y'all (haters) is b-tches."

Let me tell you how hate works:
>I upload a track, you hate me and so you expect it to suck right?
>So you peep my reverb page real quick and check it out just to make sure 'its whack.' I get one play.
>You're convinced its lame: you tell 5 of your friends that that new KP track kisses ass. They check it out, 5 plays.
>Out of them 5, 3 like the joint, so mt initial hater just got me 3 new fans.
>The other two also tell 5 pals each how whack the joint is. Guess what? 10 plays!
>And I bet I"ll get 6 fans off those ten. And I aint even counted the 3 fans and they see?
>So with that hateration formula, over a period of a couple of months/years...

Basically, I mean it when I say I love my haters!


2 Responses to “The Hateration Formula - Words by Kapella”

  1. i so hate this n am gonna tell 5 people how wack u r ;) i know u love me :)