Coola Gang: A Letter To The Fans

These rappers have been on the come-up for quite some time and there has been some controversy following them too. This has mostly been in the perspective that they have differences with a couple of other rappers in the industry. Coola Gang have however taken a step towards clearing up what's been happening in this letter they have written to their fans.
Their new cypher is also after the letter, in which they featured a bunch of new rappers and also established hip-hop acts.

Dear fans,
The last few months have been hectic but we've been spending time doing what we love, and that's making music for you, the fans. The overwhelming
response to our recent efforts, that is
music, videos and performances is
encouraging and we know with the
increasing fan base comes great responsibility, the foremost being releasing "Just A Mixtape", don't worry, it's coming soon.
Most of you are of the idea that we are
beefing with Camp Mulla. We would, like to officially declare that we are not.
This is a gross exaggeration perpetrated by marginal media personalities, and other parties, who don't have it in their best interests, be it personal or financial, to see Coola Gang break through into mainstream media, also known as TV and radio. As a result of this negative publicity we have missed out on numerous opportunities to expand our brand. Just recently, we were illegally excluded from the CHAT Fresh Gum Cypher despite actively & legally participating in the voting process and legitimately qualifying. This raised numerous concerns amongst our fans, which we were unable to address. We would like to encourage our fans to hang in there and keep converting new followers. Without wasting any more time we'd like to present to you the peoples choice cypher, on which we've featured various other artists.
Dream Big, Work Hard and Believe God.
-Coola Gang

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3 Responses to “Coola Gang: A Letter To The Fans”

  1. Ah! Kevin! Good stuff. I'm gonna tweet this into oblivion.

  2. coola gang!!!!!!

  3. Left,right, back and forth..all i see is coola gang!!