4 Barz - Camp Coola [artwork & tracklist]

The title of this mixtape has left a lot of fans with questions that can only be answered by grabbing their free copy of the mixtape!
Here's the tracklist, with songs produced by Kujmeister, PlayMakr, Jt Jay and Muturi & Nicole

  1. Left Right (Lookin At Me) (Prod by Kujmeister)
  2. Think Of Me (Can You) (Prod. by Jt Jay)
  3. Charlie Sheen Remix (Prod. by PlayMakr)
  4. Bills (Prod. by Muturi & Nicole)
  5. Karun's Room (Prod. by Jt Jay)
  6. Young Black & Talented (Prod. by Jt Jay)
  7. Kenya At War (Prod. by Jt Jay & Kapella)
  8. Know My Name (Reply To LL Cool J Kenya Diss) (Prod. by PlayMakr)
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