Lil Chuckee - Rappers Market 2 [mixtape] Hosted by DJ Ill Will, DJ Rockstar & DJ Tee The Barber

Young Money's very own rapper Lil Chuckee hits y'all a new mixtape.
Its all about ChildsPlay now; the young kids are on the radar too.
1. Intro
2. I' m Bout It
3. Monster
4. Speakers Goin Hammer
5. Unstoppable
6. Twap Daddy
7. Standing In The Kitchen feat Jacquees
8. Fire Flame
9. Right Above It
10. Get Big
11. Black & Gold
12. Circle
13. Hard In The Paint
14. Let That Boy Cook
15. Hold Yuh
16. I See You
17. Just The Way You Are
18. Airplanes
19. Give It To Me (Prod by KE)
20. Lil Gangsta
21. Block Is Hot Pt. 2
22. Outro

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